Taylor Noel
Maid of Honor

Cristina and I met after a 70's mixer on the drunk bus home to South Campus and we've been drunk together ever since. When not drinking, I like to spend my time reading books, forcing Cristina to wear matching outfits, complaining about how expensive life in New York is, and running (read: walking) long (read: short) distances. Text me for embarrassing Tina & Taylor stories. I've got plenty. 

Gabby Migliara

Cristina was the first and best friend I made in DC. Though we knew of each other in college, it wasn't until September after graduation that our paths crossed again--and this time it stuck. A friend date a couple weeks later (two pies and the cheapest red at Pizzeria Paradiso followed by a Mipso concert at Gypsy Sally's, complete with fireball shots--side note: what were we thinking?) was all it took - we were hooked! In essence, I am a maximalist attempting to channel minimalism; person who runs but does not self-identify as a runner; coffee table book hoarder (read: attempting minimalism); Oxford comma user; and an ESFJ. I live in DC with my boyfriend, Jacob, and cat, Blue.

Emily Berriz

I met Cristina in 1996 and we share the same gene pool but somehow my gene pool is a lot cooler. Cristina is my sister, résumé fluffler, and all-around lifestyle critic. Now let's get to me--I am a self-proclaimed Instagram personality (follow me, @emilyberriz), ramen enthusiast, and tequila aficionado. I also like to drag myself to the gym and cry through the stair master. I live and work in Arlington with a fellow UMW alum.

Steve Altman
Best Man

Casey and I have known each other for a long, long time and it all started in a foreign land called Louisiana. We experienced a lot of phases in life together, starting with the awkward middle school years through the fuzzy memories as college roommates and now, today, pretending to be grown-ups. From learning how to play golf over the summers at Abita Springs Golf Club to selling printers at Office Depot to earn beer money, we’ve done a little bit of everything. Casey stood by me as my best man in 2013 and it will be quite the honor to return the favor. I now work as an IT guy in Texas with my beautiful wife Stephanie and our gorgeous twin girls. Despite the distance, Casey and I still enjoy a good whiskey together and complaining about how the Saints are taking years off of our life.

Dan Deceder

I first bonded with Casey over our mutual love for bar trivia in 2011. While neither of us were particularly talented in general knowledge, we both had a knack for topical team names (which we all know is more important). Since then, we have remained the most geographically convenient friends leading to a great friendship including lavish trips to exclusive golf clubs posting below average scores.

When not looking for an overpriced golf ball I drove into the woods with Casey, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful wife, Alexandra and our yellow lab, Lilly. We have loved being a part of Casey and Cristina's lives so far, and look forward to joining our houses with the arranged marriage between Lilly and Tasso.

Mark Erich

Mark is a semi-accomplished part-time amateur golfer. He spends his days playing computer nerd as a software developer and his nights as a new father. Casey and Mark bonded over their lack of golf skills that have kept golf ball companies profitable for the past 8 years.